5 Steps to Organize Your Garage

Featured image Alt-tag: organize your garage in a few simple steps The garage is often the place that gets overlooked and where we tend to put all the stuff we don’t need in the house. Maybe it’s so overflowing with various items and tools that there’s no room for the car anymore! That’s why it’s

JB Organizing: Project Example. Garage.

JB Organizing: Project Example.   Garage Organization     Adjustable Shelves and An Easy Up/Down Pulley system for bikes are necessities in an efficiently used garage space. #jborganizing #jborganizingprojectexample    

Garage Organizing Tips

Garage Organizing Tips by JB Organizing Remember the 5 Principles of Organizing Small Steps — Don’t try to tackle the whole garage at one time.  You will get frustrated and give up.  Instead, small steps  — corner to corner, top to bottom, shelf by shelf, bin by bin.  One small step at a time.