Garage Organizing Tips

Garage Organizing Tips

by JB Organizing

Remember the 5 Principles of Organizing

  1. Small Steps — Don’t try to tackle the whole garage at one time.  You will get frustrated and give up.  Instead, small steps  — corner to corner, top to bottom, shelf by shelf, bin by bin.  One small step at a time.  
  2. Declutter — Get your declutter bins out (Throw Away, Give Away, Put Away, File Away, Hide Away).
  3. Condense — Put all like items into one area.  (You don’t need 5 places for duct tape 🙂
  4. Contain — Use bins, carts, baskets to contain each category of items.
  5. Label — Label clearly and specifically.

   Garage Organizing Ideas

  1. Use all the space — Space near the ceiling                                                  
    • High shelves can hold a lot.                                                    
    • Bikes can be hung
    • The back of the door
    • Corners
    • Space near the floor
  2.  Low shelves with bins for things that need to be easily accessible.                                                                       
  3. Make the area near the door functional.
      • Place a bench with cubbies underneath for each person.
      • Have hooks for coats and bags.
  1. Have shelving available for bins of extra paper goods, Dog food and supplies etc.
  2. Use over the door shoe holder for bug spray, suntan lotion and other items frequently needed.
  3. Look at what you and your family like to do and organize for that.
    • If you like to garden, store your gardening items on a cart that you can easily bring out with you
    • Sporty – make sure the bin of balls is easy to access and easy to put away.
  4. Keep things off the floor.  You want to put cars in the garage, so keep everything except big items off the floor.
  5. Use adjustable, heavy duty shelves, so that you can raise or lower them dependent on what needs to be stored.  You can also easily take one shelf down if not needed.  More versatility.
  6. Medical Records shelves are great for organizing sports equipment, boots and more in a garage area.  

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