Graduation Series: Gift Ideas for Grads

There are so many different things you can get for someone who is graduating. Whether it be from High School, College, Graduate School, Trade School etc. – they are entering a new phase of life. 

Consider what you know about the individual………

What are they doing next? What have they just accomplished? Think practical if you wish or think fun…. Regardless, the fact that you thought of that person will be appreciated.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Journal
  2. Food Gift Cards – But be careful because some chains that are part of campus dining at Universities don’t take gift cards at those locations.
  3. Gift Certificates for certain services – haircut, manicure, massage, Uber etc.
  4. Experiences – cooking lessons, day trips, photography lessons, art lessons, windsurfing lessons etc.
  5. Shows – tickets to concerts, plays, musicals, lectures (this may have to wait for next year – but the gift can still be given 🙂
  6. Amazon Gift Cards
  7. Gaming Gift Cards 
  8. Bedding for the next phase of their life (dorm, house, or apartment)
  9. Kitchen supplies if needed
  10. Gas Gift Cards – Find out what gas station is near their new place or university.
  11. Car wash gift cards
  12. Key Chains or Lanyards
  13. Books – one or two (no more!) that were most impactful to you or fit that child best.
  14. Office/School supply gift basket
  15. Laundry supply gift basket
  16. Favorite make-up or toiletry gift basket
  17. Target, WalMart, Meijer Gift Cards
  18. Gift Card for Spotify or another music service 
  19. Gift Card for a streaming service (Amazon, Netflix, Appletv, Peacock, HBO, Hulu etc.)
  20. Snack Food Gift Basket (microwave popcorn, mac n cheese, granola bars, chips, cookies, candy 🙂
  21. Money
  22. Spirit wear from their college
  23. T-shirt blanket of all high school memory t-shirts
  24. Plant for their dorm or apartment
  25. Cleaning supply gift basket
  26. Exercise class gift cards or gym membership
  27. Sam’s Club or Costco Membership
  28. Hello Fresh or Blue Apron or other meal service gift card 
  29. Tool Kit
  30. Laptop
  31. Travel Mugs or Water Bottles
  32. Something that reflects their new career (i.e. nurse or teacher mug etc.)
  33. Something they need for their new career (scrubs, teaching supplies, tool set)
  34. Gift card for a new suit or dress outfit – for interviews, internships, new job.

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