Kitchen Organization Series- Spice Control

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Getting a handle on your Spices

1. In cabinet 

Organized by category and separated into containers and labeled clearly.

The categories you choose can be specific to you and your family and the way you tend to cook. For example, if you tend to cook in terms of types of food (i.e. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Asian etc.) then you separate your spices in that way. If you tend to cook in terms of activities (i.e. baking, grilling, salads, Daily use spices etc.). The key is to clearly label the container with the category and each spice.

2.  In a drawer


3.  On a lazy susan

4.  Adjustable shelf (alphabetized)

5.  On a narrow shelf slid in a the space between two appliances.

6. Inside the cabinet door

7.  Inside pantry door – Over the door holder

8.  Side of the refrigerator – magnetic 

9. Hang them under your cabinets

10. Make them a display or decoration



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