Still love your Movie and Music Collection? Here are some organizing tools you can use

If you still like to hold the DVDs and CDs in your hands and can’t bear to part with your Movie and Music collection. No worries! You can still keep them in an organized manner. 

NOTE: Please make sure you still have the means to play them (DVD player or even maybe a VHS player and CD player or Record Player – and maybe even a cassette recorder.)

5 Types of tools for physical organization of a Movie and Music Collection:

Bins or Baskets that can be stored in a cabinet or on a shelf.

Shelving units made especially for multi media storage.

Travel holders for storage of DVDs and CDs taken out of the cases.

Floating shelves.

Cabinet storage units.

If you would like assistance decluttering and organizing your family room or any other area in your home – we can help!

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