Recycling Resource Series: Book Donation Locations

Recycling Resource Series:  Book Donation Locations What do I do with all the books?  I definitely don’t want to throw them out!! Here’s some great ideas of where and how to donate the books are ready to part with, so that they can move on to be treasured and enjoyed by others. Sabra Books –

Tips and Ideas for Organizing Your Desk/Cubicle Area

Basic Desk/Cubicle Organization What are the policies in your office? Before you organize your desk space………Ask some questions! If you are the manager make sure your employees know the policies of your office……make sure your employees know the answers to the questions.   What do you have to have paper copies of? How long must

JB Organizing: 5 Principles of Organizing.

5 Principles of Organization:    1.  Small   2.  Declutter   3.  Condense   4.  Contain   5.  Label  Small Steps (One thing at a time.  Break tasks down into tiny increments.  Set a timer for 15 minutes – amazing what can be done when a timer is set.  You don’t have to do it all now.) Decluttering –

JB Organizing: Spring Cleaning Specifics. What Type of Organizer Are You? An Inny or Outy?

It is important to identify and understand what type of organizer each member of a household tends to be.  When we understand we tend to be more tolerant of people’s habits and we can better design organizing systems that work with the habits and characteristics of the people using them.   What do you mean

Furniture Donation and Sales Options

Furniture Donation and Sales Options (This document covers the North Shore and Chicago Metro area Primarily, as it was prepared for a client in that area) There are similar options throughout the Chicago land area. (Prepared by JB Organizing 12/19/17)   Possible Places to Sell the Furniture (that will pick up the furniture)  

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips: Clothes Closet

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips:  Clothes Closet 5 Principles of Organizing Small Steps – Break everything down into small steps. Decluttering (Give away, Throw away, Put Away, File Away, Hide Away) Condense – Put like items together into one area. Contain – Put categories of items into a specific container. Label – Be clear and specific

JB Organizing’s Spotlight Tips: Artwork and School Papers

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips:   Kids’ Artwork and School Papers What do you do with all of the wonderful artwork and projects your kids bring home or create at home?   How do we keep all that paper under control and still enjoy the gifts from our kids?   Keep a couple things in mind:

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips: Shoes

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips:  Shoes Keep It Simple! My number one tip for people who have kids is for them to keep it simple.   Kids and many adults are more likely to throw shoes into a basket (when they walk in the door) than they are to line them nicely on a shoe rack, put

Organization Spotlight Tips: Makeup Organization and Care

Organization Spotlight Tips:  Makeup Organization How often should you replace make up? Mascara – 3 months Eyeshadow – 2 years Foundation – liquid = 6 mos to 1 yr ;  powder = 2 years Lip Stick – 6 months Eye Liner – 1 year How often should the brushes be cleaned?   Once a week