JB Organizing: Organizing Truth. Don’t start an organizing project now…..

JB Organizing:  Organizing Truth.   Don’t start a new organizing project during the holiday season, this is not the time; you have the rest of the year to organize! Instead put up holiday decorations, enjoy time with family and friends, remember the reason for the season. #jborganizing #jborganizingorganizingtruth

JB Organizing: Project Example. Garage.

JB Organizing: Project Example.   Garage Organization     Adjustable Shelves and An Easy Up/Down Pulley system for bikes are necessities in an efficiently used garage space. #jborganizing #jborganizingprojectexample    

What Next? Hair Supplies and Accessories.

JB Organizing: What Next? Hair Supplies and Accessories. Small Steps – Go through one small area at a time. Declutter – What is never used? What don’t you like? What is damaged? Condense – Put like things together. Contain – Store like things in the same drawer, basket, bin. Label – Specifically and clearly. #jborganizing

Recycling Resources: Toy Donation Ideas

Recycling Resources:  Toy Donation   Thrift Stores Churches Preschools Shelters Freecycle https://www.freecycle.org/ Stuffed Animals for emergencies https://stuffedanimalsforemergencies.org/ Hospitals Local Doctor’s offices/Clinics Here are some tips from the Smart Parent Advice Website to help guide you when donating stuffed animals https://smartparentadvice.com/how-to-donate-stuffed-animals/  

JB Organizing: Organizing for College – What do you really need? College Necessities list

  JB Organizing:  Organizing for College We are sending our 4th child in 3 years off to college next month. Needless to say, we have learned a lot – after sending the first 3. This time, we are much more efficient in our purchasing and much smarter about where and when to buy what we

JB Organizing: Organizing for College Series

JB Organizing:   Organizing for College Series  It’s that time of year again!  Time to prepare for school. In our house we are in the midst of preparing 3 kids to go away to college.  It got me thinking…..there are organizing skills they need to know and some specific things they can do that will

JB Organizing: Recycling Resources. Where and How can you recycle your old cell phones?

JB Organizing:  Recycling Resources. Cell Phone Recycling You do NOT want your old cell phones to end up in a landfill.  They can leak harmful chemicals into the environment and never disappear!!  Instead here are some options for disposing of your old cell phones; many of which help others in the process!   First, get

Recycling Resource Series: Book Donation Locations

Recycling Resource Series:  Book Donation Locations What do I do with all the books?  I definitely don’t want to throw them out!! Here’s some great ideas of where and how to donate the books are ready to part with, so that they can move on to be treasured and enjoyed by others. Sabra Books –

Tips and Ideas for Organizing Your Desk/Cubicle Area

Basic Desk/Cubicle Organization What are the policies in your office? Before you organize your desk space………Ask some questions! If you are the manager make sure your employees know the policies of your office……make sure your employees know the answers to the questions.   What do you have to have paper copies of? How long must