Where to Recycle/Dispose of Various Household Chemicals and Products


Recycling/Waste Disposal/Junk Removal/Donation Info

Check out highrises.com for an apartment and condo recycling guide.


(Thanks to the kids from the Junior High STEM Program for passing this information along to me! – It takes all of us working together to keep our world safe and healthy!)


Earth 911 is a great site for general information with simple search capabilities.  You can enter what you want to get rid of and your zip code and it will show you your options.



An app that you can use to find ways and spots to recycle is:  iRecycle (Thank you again to the Junior High STEM kids!)


Below is the specific information for common items-( Locations are for Lake County, IL, but anyone can follow the link and then easily change the zip code to anywhere in the country)

College Hunks Hauling Junk for Lake County – For pickup of many, many items (including waste, but also furniture/cabinets etc.) — 130+ different items


Habitat for Humanity Restore in Gurnee – Cabinets/Furniture/Stoves – they do pick up


Hazardous Material Disposal in Lake County (All the paints, varnishes, paint removers etc.)


Batteries Plus Bulbs (The light bulbs and any batteries)


How to safely dispose of the following on your own


Put extra absorbent kitty litter in the can and when it dries up you can throw it out.



Old License Plates

Scrape any stickers off of the plate and then you can put them in any metal recycling.  The removal of the stickers, makes it so the plate cannot be used legally.  You can bring them to the local DMV, however, they recycle them from there anyway so you may as well recycle them yourself and save yourself a trip to the DMV 🙂

Where to donate your old Cell Phones



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