Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization by JB Organizing Quick Tips for Making Any Pantry More Functional Follow the 5 Principles of Organizing Small Steps — Start top to bottom, one shelf at a time. Declutter — Take all items out.  Throw out expired items.  Get rid of items that you didn’t even know were there. Condense — Put

Garage Organizing Tips

Garage Organizing Tips by JB Organizing Remember the 5 Principles of Organizing Small Steps — Don’t try to tackle the whole garage at one time.  You will get frustrated and give up.  Instead, small steps  — corner to corner, top to bottom, shelf by shelf, bin by bin.  One small step at a time.  

Bathroom Organization

There are so many ways you can organize a bathroom. First, remember the Five Principles of Organization  Small Steps – Break all projects into small, manageable tasks and write them donw.  Declutter – Throw Away, Give Away, Put Away, File Away, Hide Away Condense – Separate items into categories and put all like items into

JB Organizing: Recycling Resources – Donation Ideas and Locations

DONATION LOCATIONS AND IDEAS By Jennifer Barnes JB Organizing It is a lot easier to let go of things, when you know the items will be appreciated and used for good. Here is a resource listing organizations, by state, that work to combat homelessness and child bed poverty. Check it out! Look for organizations near you

More Paper?! More Information?! Help!!: Setting up a Control Center – Step by Step Instructions

ORGANIZATIONAL COMPONENTS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONTROL CENTER Components of your Control Center:  Always in a High Traffic Area (where do you “drop” things – the mail etc.), File System, Message Center, Work Space, Calendar, To Do List, Wastebasket, and Reference Binder 1. Choose the location and the piece of furniture (table etc.) for your control

Start the New Year off with Organizing Success: 10 Quick Organizing Projects

Organizing can seem so overwhelming!  I know that starting is half the battle, so here are 10 quick organizing projects to get you started and give you a boost of success. Before you start, even these quick projects, remember to always declutter first.  Clean out the chosen area and then organize it!  Do NOT just